The new way to sell to Katie’s Kids Clothes

Hello. Welcome to – the new way to sell your clothes to Katie’s Kids Clothes.

The old way of selling to us was created during the pandemic and, while it served us well, it was very time-consuming for both you and us.

In addition, Katie’s Kids Clothes took over another second-hand clothes website in 2023:

We needed to create a new way of selling to us for both brands which made everything as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Welcome, to

How is the new process easier for you?

If you have sold your clothes to Katie’s Kids Clothes previously, you’ll notice a few changes which we hope will make selling to us a lot quicker and easier:

  • You no longer need to send us photographs of your clothes
  • You no longer need to wait for us to arrange a courier for you
  • We’ll pay you the moment we’ve finished sorting your clothes
  • All the details we need from you will be collected through our website in two quick and easy steps.

All in all, we hope these changes will speed everything up for everyone.

What else do you need to be aware of?

The changes we’ve made mean we need you to read our How it works information again.

The amounts we pay and how we pay you have also changed slightly – we now pay a bit less for some sizes and a bit more for others. We now pay 50% more for premium brands. Our What we pay you page explains all of this.

Another change is that we now need everyone that wants to sell to us to apply for a Selling Slot before sending us their clothes. We won’t be buying all sizes at all times. You need to have over 60 items matching the Selling Slots which are open in order to sell to us.

Finally, it is more important than ever that you check your clothes are in a saleable condition. We only want clothes we can sell on and we won’t pay for any clothes we have to reject. There is a lot more detail about this on our FAQs page.

What do I do next?

To get started, we recommend reading our How it works page.