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You need to complete the form on this page if you want to start selling to us.

The size of the clothes you intend to sell to us is important

We do not need all sizes of clothing at all times, so the clothes you intend to sell to us must be mostly in the sizes we are currently buying.  We will buy clothes from you in other sizes too, but only if the majority of your clothes are in the sizes we need.

The quality of your clothes is important

We only buy clothes that are in Very Good Condition and there are some types of clothes that we do not buy.  If you haven’t already done so, please read this important information before you start filling out the application form.  We will reject all items that do not meet our required standards and you will not be paid for them.

Start a Selling Slot application

    Current Selling Slots

    We are only buying clothes in these sizes at the moment. To secure a selling slot, you must have at least 60 items in these sizes in total.(So, for example, you could have 30 items in two Selling Slot sizes, that is acceptable).
    Tick all the sizes you are selling.

    If you do not have 60 items of clothing in the sizes you have selected, then we will not assign you a Selling Slot. Please do not continue with this application if you do not have enough items. We open new selling slots regularly, so should be buying the sizes you are looking to sell soon.

    Your details

    Important: We only accept clothes from sellers based in the UK.

    How many items are you selling in each size?

    We need to know how many items you are selling in each size. Please count pairs or sets as a single item (e.g. a pair of shoes is one item, a set of pyjamas is one item, etc.)

    Please provide a total number of shoes, school uniform items and unisex baby items.

    Boys clothes

    Do not include school uniform, shoes or baby items you have already counted above.

    Girls clothes

    Do not include school uniform, shoes or baby items you have already counted above.

    Total number of items

    How many items do you have to sell to us in total?

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    We buy clothes regularly and love to buy from people we’ve bought from before. We’ll email our Sellers Club mailing list every time we add new Selling Slots. If you would like to receive these emails, then please sign up below. You can unsubscribe at any time.

    Acceptance of Terms of Purchase

    By completing and submitting this application, you are are agreeing to our Terms of Purchase. Specifically, you understand that all of the items you send must be in Very Good Condition and must not be Unwanted Items. You understand that you will not be paid for any items we reject.