Answers to common questions and further detail about how our process works which you might find useful.

What do we mean by Very Good Condition?

This page also has a definitive description of what we mean by Very Good Condition. Please read this carefully.

What items shouldn’t you send us?

You should not include anything in your parcel which appears on our list of Unwanted Items.

What brands do we pay a higher rate for?

We pay more for items from the Premium Brands listed on this page.

Your questions answered

Do I need to take photographs of my clothes before I send them?

No.  We no longer need you to send us photographs of your items.  However, please make sure everything you send is in Very Good Condition and is not on our list of Unwanted Items.

Do I need to wash my clothes before I send them?

Yes, everything you send us needs to be clean and smell of laundry detergent. The only exception is brand new items with tags. These do not need to be washed.

If you send clothes that don’t smell clean and don’t look clean, we will reject them.

Why don’t you pay and arrange postage any longer?

We now ask sellers to pay for and arrange their own postage.

We’ve made this change so that sellers can control how and when their parcels are collected. It’s quicker and easier for you and us. 

To help you, we will provide details of postage and courier services that will collect your parcel once you’ve applied for your Selling Slot.  You should expect to pay around £7 to send each parcel.

How should I package up my clothes?

We recommend putting your clothes in a strong (double-walled) cardboard box.  This is the most secure method and is better for the planet (because cardboard can be recycled).  Use strong parcel tape and make sure the box is well taped up. 

Another (less planet-friendly) option is to put your clothes into strong plastic sacks.  We suggest double-bagging your clothes for extra security.  You should wrap the whole parcel using good quality parcel tape.

Single wall cardboard boxes secured with cheap sticky tape will almost certain break open in transit.  Flimsy dustbin sacks with minimal tape will rip.

It is your responsibility to ensure your clothes are well packaged.  If your packaging fails and some of your clothes fall out, we can do nothing about it and you will not be paid for the lost items.

Are there any clothes you don’t buy?

Yes. We only buy baby and children’s clothes up to the age of 16. We do not buy any adult clothing at the current time.

Any clothes you send to us need to be in good condition and there are certain items we won’t pay for.  Please read carefully what we mean by Very Good Condition and check the list of Unwanted Items.

If you send us clothes that we cannot resell, they will be rejected and you will not be paid for them.

Do you buy shoes?

Yes, but they must be complete pairs of shoes which are clean and in very good condition . 

Any shoes received which are noticeably worn, scuffed, dirty or with poor quality or missing fastenings will be rejected.  Both soles and uppers must be cleaned before you send them to us.

Shoes that are sized by age are paid for in the same way as other items of clothing. Shoes that are sized using a UK, EU or US shoe size are paid as as separate category. Please see our What we pay you page for more details.

What happens to the clothes you buy from me?

Most of the clothes we buy will end up on one of our second-hand children’s clothing websites – either buildabundle.co.uk or katieskidsclothes.com.

Some clothes may be sold or passed on to other organisations at our discretion. For example, rejected items may be passed onto charity shops or textiles recycling companies.

We do not keep track of every item we buy and sell, so unfortunately, we cannot tell you what the final destination for your clothes will be.

What happens if some or all of my clothes are rejected?

Clothes that are not in Very Good Condition or that are on our Unwanted Items list will be rejected and we will not pay you for them.  It is your responsibility to ensure your clothes are in the required condition before you send them to us.

If any of your clothes are rejected, you will be asked if you want to arrange a courier to collect them.  If you have not replied and/or arranged a courier within 7-days of being notified, then the rejected clothes will be disposed of at our discretion.

We will notify you by email if any of your clothes have been rejected and explain why, but we do not provide photographs or additional explanations of the reasons for rejection. 

As indicated elsewhere on our website, checking your clothes carefully before you send them to us is essential. 

What happens to clothes that are rejected?

Any clothes we reject which are not then collected by you within 7-days will be processed in the most appropriate and planet-friendly way. 

Unwearable items will be sent to fabric recycling. Items that can be revived may be included in our play bundles or passed onto other organisations that can make use of worn clothes, including charities or shelters.

By sending us your clothes, you agree that we can determine the final destination.  If you don’t tell us you want them back within 7-days of them being rejected, then they cannot be returned to you.

How do I know I’m going to get paid by you?

webuykidsclothes.co.uk is operated by Katie’s Kids Clothes – one of the UK’s leading second-hand children’s clothes retailers. We have been buying from and selling to families all over the UK since 2018 and have lots of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

When you agree to sell to us, we are both entering into a contract which is set out in our Terms of Purchase. This contract sets out exactly what will happen and is there to protect you and us in the event of a problem.

If you have any questions or concerns before you start selling to us, just email us (help@webuykidsclothes.co.uk) and we’ll do everything we can to help.

What do we mean by ‘Very Good Condition’?

All items you send us must be in very good condition

We will only pay for items that are in very good condition that we can resell. 

We are very clear what we mean by ‘very good condition’.  Please make sure you read and understand everything which follows.

We do not want clothes with marks, stains, wear or damage

We do not expect items to be in ‘as new’ condition, but we do not buy items that are noticeably worn, damaged or marked.

If you have recently washed an item and you can still see stains or marks, don’t send it to us.

If you look at the surface of an item and it is worn, bobbled, faded or discoloured, don’t send it to us.

If an item has holes in it (even small ones) or has been repaired, don’t send it to us.

If the print on an item is faded, cracked or worn, don’t send it to us.

If an item was once white and is now grey, pale blue or discoloured in any way, don’t send it to us.

If an item is misshapen, stretched or has shrunk, don’t send it to us.

If an item’s zip, button or fastener is missing, broken or damaged, don’t send it to us.

If an item is musty or smells of anything other than washing detergent, don’t send it to us.

You need to wash and fold your items before sending them

You should only send us items that are recently washed and neatly folded (they don’t need to be ironed).

Items from homes with smokers and pets

We do accept clothes from homes with smokers and pets, but everything must be well washed before they are sent to us.

If items have any animal hair on them at all or smell of smoke, they will be rejected.  Don’t send them to us.

Which is the definitive description of Very Good Condition?

The definition of ‘Very Good Condition’ set out in our Terms of Purchase is definitive. You will need to read and agree to these Terms before submitting an application to sell to us.

Do we really mean all of that?

Yes, absolutely.

If you send us items which fail to meet any of the criteria above, we will reject them and you won’t be paid for them.

If we open your parcel and it is obvious that the majority of your items are not in good condition or have not been checked before you sent them, then we reserve the right to reject the whole parcel without further assessment.  You will be asked to arrange for it to be collected within 7-days.  If you don’t do that, then the whole parcel will be disposed of at our discretion.

Please, please, please do not send us worn out, marked, dirty, smelly, pet-hair covered garments. We will not accept them and you will end up out of pocket.

Unwanted Items

Do not send us any of the following items

Please do not include any items in the list below in your parcel.  We do not pay for these items and they will be rejected.

  • Any item which was sold by the original manufacturer more than 8 years ago (i.e. with an outdated style).  You can check this by looking at the style of the garment label.
  • Any item which was sold in a high-street store which ceased to exist more than 5 years ago (e.g. Adams, Woolworths, BHS, etc.)
  • Incomplete pyjama sets (i.e. tops without trousers or trousers without tops)
  • Second-hand socks (unless unworn and in the original packaging)
  • Second-hand underwear (unless unworn and in the original packaging)
  • Personalised clothing
  • School, sports or dance uniforms which feature local school/club names, logos, emblems or motifs (sports clothing from recognised league and international teams is accepted)
  • Any clothing with a date on it (e.g. Born in 2023)
  • Holiday souvenir clothing (e.g. with names of holiday resorts or countries on them)
  • Baby bibs
  • Baby scratch mitts
  • Jersey baby hats
  • Adult clothes
  • Fake or replica designer clothes
  • Large quantities of handmade or handknitted items
  • Non-wearable baby or children’s items, such as blankets

If you send items on the Unwanted List, we will reject them and you will not be paid for them.

Premium Brands

For most items from the following brands we receive in Very Good Condition, we will pay 50% more than our standard price per kilogram:

AbercrombieHavaianasOld Navy
Baby BodenHugo BossPolarn O. Pyret
Baby GapHunterPumpkin Patch
Ben ShermanHypeQuiksilver
BenchJack WillsRachel Ashwell
BlueZooJasper ConranRalph Lauren
BodenJigsawRiver Island
BurberryJohn LewisRocha John Rocha
Butterfly GirlJojo Maman BebeRocha Little Rocha
Cath KidstonJulien MacDonaldSpeedo
CinderellaKiteStart Rite
ClarksLand’s EndSteiff
ConverseLaura AshleyStella McCartney
Crew ClothingLazy JacksTed Baker
CrocsLevi’sThe Gro Company
DesigualLindybopThe Little White Company
DieselLipsy LondonThe North Face
DKNYLittle BirdTiger Lily
Dolce & GabbanaMaineTimberland
Emile et RoseMangoVans
Fat FaceMarks & SpencerWeird Fish
FrugiMatthew WilliamsonWhite Stuff
Gap KidsMini BodenZoggs
GrobagMuddy Puddles

Please note: We do not pay more for school uniform items in any of these brands.

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