How it works

What we buy and how we buy it

The information on this page is important. Please read it carefully.

We use a five-step buying process. 

Step 1: Check your clothes

Your clothes need to be in the right condition

The clothes you send to us will be sold on to other families, so we only buy clothes that we can resell.

This means your clothes need to be:

  • In very good condition with no marks, stains or wear
  • Recently washed, clean and fresh smelling
  • Neatly folded

We will reject clothes that are:

  • Dirty
  • Smelly or musty
  • Worn
  • Bobbled
  • Snagged
  • Stained
  • Heavily creased

And we will also reject any clothes that have:

  • Any holes
  • Any marks or stains
  • Been repaired
  • Pet hair on them
  • Broken fasteners
  • Missing parts

We also buy pairs of shoes and slippers, but will reject any that:

  • Are incomplete
  • Are dirty (please thoroughly clean the soles and uppers before sending)
  • Are scuffed or noticeably worn
  • Have missing, damaged or non-functioning laces/fasteners 

For more details, please read what we mean when we say an item must be in Very Good Condition.

You also need to read our list of Unwanted Items.  This includes things like personalised clothing, holiday t-shirts and part pyjama sets, etc.

Step 2: Apply for a Selling Slot

Check that we are buying the sizes you have to sell

We don’t need all sizes of clothes all the time, so we will open “selling slots” for the sizes we need.  Current Selling Slots are shown on our website here.

You will need to apply for a Selling Slot and tell us what sizes you are selling and how many items you have in each size. 

You must have a minimum of 60 items to sell in the sizes we are buying.  We recommend having at least 100 items to send to us.  This will make the cost of posting your clothes to us more affordable for you.

If you have at least 60 items in the sizes we are buying, then you can also apply to send small quantities of clothes in other sizes to us as well.  We will then confirm whether we want to buy these from you.

We will not allocate a Selling Slot to you if you do not have enough clothes in the sizes we are buying.  If you apply for a Selling Slot and most of your clothes are in sizes we are not buying, then your application will not be successful.

Step 3: Receive confirmation from us

Don’t send us any clothes until you’ve received our Order

If your Selling Slot application is successful, we will email you to confirm this.

Please do not send us any clothes until you have heard back from us. 

The confirmation email will explain what you need to do to send your clothes to us.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will email you and explain why.

Step 4: Accept our order and post your clothes to us

You will need to send us a few more details and then post us your clothes

You will need package up your clothes in a strong box, fill out one final form and then post your parcel to us. 

This is easy and cheap to do. Both Royal Mail and Evri will collect parcels from your house for around £7 a parcel.  The exact price you pay will depend on the size and weight of each parcel and where you live.

The confirmation email you receive from us will include more information to help you with this.

In order to secure your Selling Slot, your parcel will need to arrive with us within 14-days of us placing an order with you.

Step 5: We will check your clothes and pay for everything we want to keep

This can take up to 2 weeks after your clothes arrive

We check everyone’s clothes in the order they arrive and we often have several people’s parcels waiting to be checked at any one time.  Please allow up to 2-weeks for us to check your clothes.

Once your clothes arrive with us, every item will be checked thoroughly and any clothes that can be resold we will accept and pay you for.  The conditions listed in Step 1 of this process will be used to make this decision.  We also recommend you read what happens when we reject some of your clothes on our What we pay you page.

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