The new way to sell to Buildabundle

Hello. Welcome to – the new way to sell your clothes to Buildabundle.

As you may be aware, Katie’s Kids Clothes took over Buildabundle in 2023. The two businesses had very similar ways of buying clothes from families across the country, but there were slight differences which would have made it difficult to keep doing everything exactly the way it used to be done.

So, we needed to create a new way of selling to us for both brands which made everything as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Welcome, to

How is the new process easier for you?

If you have sold your clothes to Buildabundle previously, the new process should hopefully feel quite familiar, but we’ve made a few changes to make things a little quicker and easier:

  • You can now apply for Selling Slots through this website, but we don’t accept applications via Facebook or email any longer
  • We will pay for your items by weight, not on a per item basis
  • The amount we pay depends on the sizes you’re selling and we pay 50% more for premium brands
  • All the details we need from you will be collected through our website in two quick and easy steps.

All in all, we hope these changes will speed everything up for everyone.

What else do you need to be aware of?

To familiarise yourself with the process, we recommend you read our How it works page.

You can find out how much you will be paid on the What we pay you page.

You still need to apply for a Selling Slot before sending us your clothes. This is done on the Start selling page of this website. You need to have over 60 items matching the Selling Slots which are open in order to sell to us.

Finally, it is more important than ever that you check your clothes are in a saleable condition and freshly washed. We only want clothes we can resell and we won’t pay for any clothes we have to reject. There is lots more detail about this on our FAQs page.

What do I do next?

To get started, we recommend reading our How it works page.